Tom Cruise finds Lambs For Lions

Ever since Tom Cruise stuck two fingers up at former studio Paramount by reviving United Artists with Paula Wagner, we’ve been wondering what his first film pick would be.

Wonder no longer – he’s taken on political thriller Lions For Lambs, one of the movies he’s been considering starring in, nabbing both a juicy role for himself and officially making it the first film that UA will develop.

Robert Redford is directing, and will also take a role alongside Cruise and Meryl Streep in a multi-story tale of a professor (Redford) trying to help a former student stuck in Afghanistan and a congressman (Cruise) under fire from the press. "I'm the investigative reporter on Cruise's ass,” Streep told The Hollywood Reporter.

Matthew Michael Carnahan, who most recently wrote the Jamie Fox military drama The Kingdom (which has now finished shooting), penned the script. Lions will kick off filming early in January, with a release date planned for late 2007.

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