Tom And Jerry up for the Chipmunk treatment

Just when you thought your childhood icons were safe once more, Warners has decided to turn Tom And Jerry into an Alvin And The Chipmunks-style live-action/CG blend.

Yes, leaping aboard the Alvin bandwagon, the studio will bring the warring feline and rodent to life as CG characters that interact with the real world.

The film will apparently work as an origin story for the pair, revealing how they first met and kicked off their rivalry, before getting lost in Chicago and – here’s where we worry- reluctantly having to work together.

Power of speech

Eric Gravning is writing the script, which we’re desperately hoping won’t take the modern approach to the twosome and have them talk.

Tom And Jerry work best when they’re A) fighting and B) saying nothing. Hey, that second part worked for Wall-E , didn’t it?

[Source: Variety ]

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