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Here's the first trailer for Dads Army movie

The first trailer has arrived online for the big-screen version of classic wartime sitcom Dad’s Army, and it’s a slightly surreal affair for anyone who was raised on the antics of Arthur Lowe, John Le Measurier and co…

For those unfamiliar with the original show, it followed the exploits of a bumbling unit of Britain’s “Home Guard” (basically, those too old to actually travel overseas to fight) during the Second World War. That’s the set-up in the film as well, with Toby Jones’ Captain Mainwaring charged with finding a German spy in the midst of his sleepy seaside town.

Check out the new trailer, below…

While attempting to recreate the magic of the original series was always going to be a fruitless affair, some of the performances on show in the trailer are eerily reminiscent of their predecessors, with Bill Nighy a good fit for the suave Wilson, and Michael Gambon suitably cuddly as Godfrey. Whether it’s enough to convince British audiences that the show needed an update remains to be seen, but it does at least seem like a well-judged cast…

Directed by Oliver Parker and co-starring Tom Courtenay, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Mark Gatiss, Dad’s Army will open in the UK and US on February 5 2016. Don’t panic, don’t panic!

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George Wales
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