Tobey Maguire: Chess Master?

Tobey Maguire may no longer be playing geeky Peter Parker, but the actor is lining up a suitably nerdy project.

Maguire is in talks to star in Pawn Sacrifice as Bobby Fischer, a legendary chess player who faced off with a Russian champ in 1972, in a game that echoed the tensions of the Cold War.

It'll be interesting to see if screenwriter Steven Knight ( Eastern Promises , Matt Damon's recently announced Bobby Kennedy flick) can wring a suitable amount of tension from the politically-charged face-off - think Frost/Nixon with less Langella and Sheen, more Rook and Queen.

The role will offer Maguire a chance to stretch himself dramatically now he's not involved with the Spidey franchise. Expect pawn/prawn/Bourne jokes a plenty from us - there's no low we won't go in search of comedy brass.

Source [ FirstShowing ]

The Pawn Supremacy? Or checkmate for Maguire? Let us know...

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