The Jackass revolution will be web-based

Despite the fact that the first two movies were cash cows at the box office, the Jackass team is trying something different for their follow-up, the creatively titled Jackass 2.5

Skipping cinemas entirely, Johnny Knoxville and co have persuaded their corporate overlords at Paramount and MTV to let them release the new movie entirely online. And free, to boot.

On December 19, the 64 minutes’ worth of footage will go to the web sponsored by Blockbuster (surely a bandage or alcohol company would have been a better choice, but whatever) at the address for two weeks.

After the preview, the film will arrive on iTunes and, if there’s anyone left who still hasn’t seen it, DVD. And next February, Jackassworld will remain as the site for new crazed stunt footage and whatever the gang wants to put up there. Given their twisted minds, we can only imagine.

A word of warning: it may only be available to American readers to begin with. The companies apparently plan to replicate the idea for us Brits, but with a different sponsor. Boots, perhaps?