The Addams Family to be rebooted as an animated film

The Addams Family will be returning to cinemas after a 20 year absence ( Addams Family Reunion having gone straight to video), with Gomez, Morticia and co. set to star in a new animated film.

Having initially been created as a New Yorker cartoon by artist Charles Addams, it seems somewhat fitting that the gothic oddballs should be revived in animated form.

Tim Burton had previously tried to get a stop-motion version off the ground a few years ago, only for the project to stall, leaving the characters in limbo once more.

However, MGM has now appointed Pamela Pettler to write a script for the new incarnation, the screenwriter well-versed in this kind of material with the likes of Corpse Bride and Monster House on her CV.

We’ll be hoping for plenty of Cousin It, a suitably Gothic design aesthetic and inclusion of that theme tune. Da-da-da-da *click click*…

George Wales

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