Taylor Lautner gets banged up in Incarceron

Taylor Lautner

Teen wolf Taylor Lautner has signed on to play a jailed teenager in Incarceron .

Based on Catherine Fisher’s young adult novel of the same name, the film sees Lautner playing 17-year-old Finn, who is living in a prison so huge that it contains metal forests and dilapidated cities alongside the requisite cells.

Finn has no memory of his childhood, but is sure that he had a life before, on the Outside. Then he discovers a crystal key that helps him communicate with a girl who says she lives on the Outside. Can she get him out?

Adapted by Adam Cooper and Bill Collage, the film sounds like an intriguing sort of fairytale. Depending on who takes the reins as director, we bet a lot of time will be taken to ensure that the Incarceron prison is suitably grandiose.

Lautner recently finished up filming thriller Abduction with John Singleton, and is attached to the final part of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn. We wonder if his character in Incarceron will be as shirt-phobic as Jacob...

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