Swingers back together!

Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn just can’t get enough of working with each other. And now they’ve roped regular co-star Jason Bateman and Faizon Love into their latest comedy project, Couples Retreat.

Written by Favreau and based on an idea from Vaughn (who also cooked up the concept for The Break-Up), Retreat finds four couples jetting off to a tropical island. While one pair is there to work on their marriage, the rest are there for fun… Until they discover that the couples’ counseling therapy sessions run by the resort are mandatory.

The gang’s all here

If that wasn’t enough, Favreau’s producer pal (and occasional actor) Peter Billingsley is making his directorial debut on the film, reports Variety .

It’ll start shooting late next month in Bora Bora and LA, before Favreau really has to knuckle down and start work on the Iron Man sequel and Vaughn has to kick into promotional mode for Four Christmas, directed by King Of Kong’s Seth Gordon.

We have a sneaking suspicion that Robert Downey Jr secretly organised the whole thing so he could “work” on Iron Man 2 with his director while on the beach. We’re on to you, Rob.

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