Studio Canal to re-release classic British films this summer

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Studio Canal are joining the revellers who’ll be celebrating all things British this summer, as they host a season of British films.

As a result of the London Olympics/Paralympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, there’s a rare sense of pride boosting our fair nation's ego, and Studio Canal’s Made In Britain season looks set to capitalise on that.

The national screening event, which runs from 5 June to 3 July, aims to show off the variety in Britain’s movie history, showcasing the likes of Passport To Pimlico , The Plague Of The Zombies , The Man Who Fell To Earth , Quatermass And The Pit and Hobson’s Choice .

So, if you’re in the mood for anything from light comedy to iconic sci-fi, you’re covered. Screenings are taking place at various locations across the country.

Check out the full list of screenings .

For more info, like the Made In Britain Facebook page .

Matt Maytum
Editor, Total Film

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