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State Of Play director helms Murder Mystery

Oscar-winning Scottish director Kevin Macdonald, of the big screen State Of Play and The Last King Of Scotland , has signed on to direct the rather literal-sounding Murder Mystery .

No surprises, it revolves around a murder, which is witnessed by an American couple who are on their honeymoon in Europe.

When they see somebody being killed, the duo “wind up embroiled in international intrigue”.

Producer AJ Dix says the film “is pure entertainment,” going on to add that it’s “exciting, suspenseful and romantic”.

Perhaps Macdonald, better known for his hard-hitting dramas, was getting a bit sick of all the doom and gloom and fancied a bit of globe-trotting?

The script should certainly be up to his usual standard - it was scribbled by Zodiac writer James Vanderbilt, who is also squirrelling away on the Spider-Man reboot.

Casting is currently underway, with filming set to take place in Europe. Will Macdonald call on old friends for this beleaguered romantics (McAvoy and McAdams as the newlyweds?), or will he go with some new collaborators? Time will tell...

That title's got to go, surely? Anybody agree?