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Sigourney Weaver to switch on Red Lights

Buried director Rodrigo Cortés is clearly enjoying the hype his Sundance pleasure is receiving – he’s wasted no time setting up his next flick Red Lights , and has even enlisted Sigourney Weaver to star.

The film follows a para-psychologist attempting to debunk a renowned psychic who has returned to the spotlight after three decades away.

Weaver, who will reportedly not be re-teaming with Ridley Scott on either of the proposed Alien prequels, is to play the role of Margaret Matheson.

No details on who Matheson is within the story, though we’re hoping she gets to be the nutty psychic. Hopefully she’ll also get to yell “God damn it!” a lot, as well. We never get tired of that.


Cortés recently told Bloody Disgusting that Red Lights is about “how the brain does not give a true picture of reality”.

Sounds fittingly unusual from the guy who gave us a film entirely set within a buried coffin. Speaking of which, Buried is released in cinemas on 8 October.

Source: [ Bloody Disgusting ]

Think Weaver was made to appear under a red light?