Sigourney Weaver's back with James Cameron

The ever-mysterious Sigourney Weaver’s been dropping some hints about her next project... and only one thing’s for sure - it ain’t Alien.

Speaking to French TV show Le Grand Journal , Weaver was asked if she’d ever do another Alien. The answer, sadly, was no. She claimed that she’s said all she needs to say on the character. But she did reveal that she “will be making a big sci-fi movie with James Cameron.”

Unfortunately she also stated that, “She didn't want to talk too much about it.”

Whether this big SF movie is Avatar or the now-delayed Battle Angel hasn’t been confirmed, but, if the Michael-Biehn-in-Avatar rumours are to be believed, we’d put our money on it being Cameron’s next flick.

If all this is indeed true, we have to face the possibility that Cameron’s arranging some sort of Aliens reunion, which may well be the best thing ever.

Source: ( Le Grand Journal )