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Sigourney Weaver is a Vamp

Another year another vampire movie.

But wait... this one’s a rom-com-horror starring our favourite sci-fi screenstress Sigourney Weaver? Is there a chance this one might not actually suck?

Quite possibly, dear readers, quite possibly. Entitled Vamps , news of the project was broken by Heat Vision , who report that Amy ‘As if!’ Heckerling of Clueless fame will be writing and directing the tale.

It’s a “modern-day story [ that ] focuses on beautiful young vampires (Alicia Silverstone and Krysten Ritter) who are living the good nightlife in New York until love enters the picture and each has to make a choice that will jeopardize their immortality”.

Weaver would take on the role of Ciccerus, who is described as the “bloodthirsty” sire of these two vixens of the night.

We assume that the aforementioned 'love' will come in the form of a juicy young male or two thrown into the mix to really get the blood pumping.

Other than that, details are light. But we can’t wait to see Ms Weaver vamping it up on-screen. It’s also been a while since Alicia Silverstone brightened up our screens, and this seems like the perfect project with which to resurrect her flailing career.

Here come the vamps! Fancy taking a bite?