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Shawn Levy signs up for a Fantastic Voyage

fantastic voyage

Paul Greengrass took a look and bailed. But now, finally, the 3D remake of 1966 sci-fi Fantastic Voyage is to be helmed by Shawn Levy.

The Night Of The Museum director, whose robo smash-up Real Steel hits screens later this year, has signed to direct the redo, which follows the same story as the original.

Which is: a group of scientists shrink themselves and enter a colleague’s body in order to save him from a blood clot. Ah, the wonders of technology.

Deadline report that once the scientists enter their colleague’s body, the film will be almost exclusively CGI – as opposed to camera teams actually violating somebody’s intimate crevices, we assume.

Most interestingly, could Hugh Jackman be about to sign on to star? He’s the lead in Levy’s Real Steel , and the pair are reportedly looking to work together on an "untitled action/adventure project". Watch this (inner) space.