Seth Gordon directing Suicide Squad

King Of Kong director Seth Gordon is attached to Suicide Squad for Working Title.

Now that he’s finished working on Vince Vaughn comedy Four Christmases, Gordon plans to start developing the heist film, according to The Hollywood Reporter .

Suicide Squad finds a desperate con man out on his latest parole who forms a gang of amateur criminals to rip off the Kentucky Derby.

Only Living Boy In New York

Squad was originally written by Chris Johnson, but has now been polished by Matt and Billy Eddy.

The film will have to compete with Gordon’s other bubbling project, drama The Only Living Boy In New York, his contributions to a new documentary based on the book Freakonomics and the long-in-development fictionalised take on King Of Kong that he’s producing.

Meanwhile, he’s just busy crossing his fingers that Four Christmases does better than Vaughn’s last attempt at an Xmas comedy, Fred Claus.

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