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See 8 Awesome Movie My Little Ponies!

For any fangirls (or fanboys, we’re not judgin’) who grew up in the ‘80s, we’re about to drift into dream-come-true territory.

High concept artist Mari Kasurinen has altered her My Little pony collection into icons of geek cinema.

Han Solo, Batman, the Alien, Slave Leia, Edward Scissorhands and more, all appear in their My Little Pony alternate universe forms.

Click through the feature or head to the gallery to your right to see them, then tell us; is it wrong that we fancy the Slave Leia pony a little bit? It is isn’t it? Never mind.

Batman And Robin




Edward Scissorhands


The Joker


Han Solo


Princess Leia


Jack Sparrow


The Bride

To see more, head for Mari Kasurinen 's official site

(Via Cinematical )

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