Saoirse Ronan & Joe Wright reunited

Focus Features have confirmed that director Joe Wright will team with his Atonement actress Saoirse Ronan on new film Hanna .

Although plot details are thin, the film will be about a young girl (Ronan) who is raised in the wilds of Europe by her ex-military father - presumably trained in various forms of combat, as tends to happen - and focuses on the 14 year-old's fight against US Intelligence to get back to family.

Wright is best known for his Oscar-nommed period dramas, and Ronan hardly typifies the action hero type, so Hanna seems something of an odd choice, but we're going to file this one under 'fairly interesting' for now..

No further casting news to report thus far, but the role of the father sounds fairly pivotal - perhaps one of Wright's previous collaborators could fill those shoes, Downey Jr perhaps?

From the vague synopsis, this seems a little Kick-Ass meets La Femme Nikita , which done properly has all the potential to be pretty spectacular. Lets just hope it is a little more focused than Wright's last effort, the critically assaulted The Soloist .

Hanna is set to begin shooting later this year in Europe.

Does this make all the Wright moves? Or is it a departure too far?

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