Sam Worthington joins The Fields

Everyone wants a piece of Sam Worthington these days.

And who can blame them? The Aussie hunk has proven himself to be an adaptable spirit, adept at balls-to-the-walls action as well as emotional sincerity. He’s also got charisma galore.

So director Ami Canaan Mann (yep, daughter of Michael Mann) must be pleased as punch to have landed him for her sophomore big screen gig.

The Hollywood Reporter say that Worthington will play “a Texas homicide detective who joins with a New York detective to investigate unsolved murders in the Texas bayous”.

Those murders are the ‘Killing Fields Murders’, in which four bodies were discovered in Texas near Calder Road in League City. Two of the bodies remain unidentified, while all four murders are still unsolved.

Intriguing stuff. Danny Boyle circled the flick for a while before deciding on 127 Hours instead.

With his gruff tones and macho charisma, Worthington's perfect for The Fields . Will Bradley Cooper be signing on too, as rumoured at Pajiba ? Fingers crossed.

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