Rumours suggest Man Of Steel 2 is on permanent hold

Following last week’s news that George Miller has been in talks with Warner over potentially helming the next Superman film, excitement has been understandably boiling over at the prospect of Man Of Steel 2. However, it sounds as though we might all need to take a deep breath, with Den Of Geek reporting that the project has been put on “permanent hold”.

The report claims that while Miller is indeed talking to Warner about a potential DC property, it is far from definite that that project will turn out to be Man Of Steel 2. And as mentioned above, the report even quotes a source suggesting that a Superman sequel is not high on the studio’s list of priorities right now.

No further reasoning is provided, so we don’t know whether it’s just a case of taking some ideas back to the drawing board, or shelving the standalone Superman series altogether. However, what does seem clear is that a George Miller-helmed sequel might be a bit further off than we’d thought. Bah.

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George Wales

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