Rumour: Quentin Tarantino may direct The Hateful Eight after all

After the leaking of the script for The Hateful Eight last month, it had seemed as though Quentin Tarantino was ready to walk away from the Western in favour of a new project entirely.

However, according to The Wrap ’s Jeff Sneider, the director has had time to cool off, and is currently exploring the possibility of making the movie after all.

The Hateful Eight is back on,” said Sneider on Twitter, “as sources tell me that Quentin has reached out to Sam Jackson in the week since he called off the movie.”

“I'm told that the initial betrayal came as a shock, but QT has calmed down and is having second thoughts about moving on. Will rewrite script.”

Sneider went on to stress that he could only make this report as rumour rather than fact, but it does at least provide some hope for those keen to see Tarantino take another stab at the big-screen Western.

Given all the hoo-ha surrounding the original leak, we can expect QT to play this one very close to his chest, but The Hateful Eight might not have bitten the dust just yet...

George Wales

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