Rumour Mill: Pixar off to Mars early?

While this is strictly rumour-tastic, over at Jim Hill Media , the well-connected Disney blogger is reporting that all may not be quite so well with Disney’s big plan to make and release films based on all the Narnia books.

According to Hill’s sources, Prince Caspian needs to make enough money to fill his castle to prove to Disney execs that the franchise is worth continuing. The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader, which is about to set sail on its shooting schedule, is safe, but the rest of the series is apparently up in the air.

So what could take its place if the Mouse House closes the wardrobe door? None other than Pixar’s first lone dabble in live-action (Brad Bird’s 1906 is a co-production with Warners). Hill’s peeps say that writer/producer Mark Andrews has bashed out a first draft script and Andrew Stanton will get down to serious directing work once his promotional duties for Wall-E are fulfilled later this year. Pixar is apparently planning a trilogy of movies – which to us sounds a little dodgy, but then this is the studio with the perfect hit record.

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