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Rumour: Emilia Clarke or Brie Larson to star in Terminator reboot

A couple of months ago we brought you news that the role of Sarah Connor in the forthcoming Terminator reboot was likely to go to one of three actresses, Brie Larson, Emilia Clarke or Margot Robie.

Well, according to Deadline that list is now down to two, with Clarke and Larson thought to be the clear frontrunners for the part.

Clarke is thought to currently hold the edge in the casting race, particularly given her previous work with Game Of Thrones alumnus Alan Taylor.

That said, Larson is currently basking in critical acclaim for her work in the acclaimed Short Term Twelve , and is thought to be running Clarke all the way…

It’s thought that Paramount want to cast the Sarah Connor role before moving on to John Connor and Kyle Reese, although rumours have Tom Hardy linked to the former of those roles.

Directed by Taylor, the new film will open in the US on 1 July 2015, with a UK date to be confirmed.

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