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Rumour: Edgar Ramirez in talks for Doctor Strange?

The wheels appear to be very much in motion on Marvel's Doctor Strange adaptation, with Edgar Ramirez revealing he has spoken to Scott Derrickson about the project.

Having recently starred in Derrickson's Deliver Us From Evil , Ramirez was asked by IGN whether he would also be popping up in Doctor Strange , given that Derrickson has now taken the director's chair.

"We’re talking," replied Ramirez. "We’ve been talking." Which is obviously different from negotiating with the studio, but promising nonetheless.

Part of Derrickson's brief upon appointment was to be heavily involved in the casting process, so don't be surprised to see Ramirez play a part, even if it isn't the title role.

John Spaihts was recently recruited by Marvel to rewrite the script, with a release date for the project yet to be confirmed.