Rosamund Pike takes revenge in Return To Sender trailer

The first trailer has landed online for revenge thriller Return To Sender, in which Rosamund Pike's surgical nurse finds herself searching for payback after a brutal sexual attack in her own home.

Channeling elements of her Gone Girl performance, Pike is all intensity in this first trailer, refusing to be broken by the assault as she embarks upon a very long game with her assailant. Nick Nolte is desperate to dissuade her from her plan, but Pike is determined not to be a victim… whatever the cost.

Take a look at the new trailer, below…

Fairly schlocky stuff then, but the performances look strong enough to carry it. Shiloh Fernandez is particularly creepy as the villain of the piece, while Pike looks pleasingly icy once again…

Directed by Fouad Mikati and co-starring Rumor Willis, Scout Taylor-Compton and Illeana Douglas, Return To Sender is expected to open later this year, with a specific release date yet to be confirmed.

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