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Robert Zemeckis to helm Dark Life

Director Robert Zemeckis is looking to helm a cinematic adaptation of Kat Falls’ almost-published novel Dark Life .

Set in an apocalyptic near-future land, certain individuals are forced to relocate to the ocean floor, where children develop supernatural powers similar to those possessed by sea creatures.

Eighteen-year-old Ty is caught up in a fight with destructive outlaws who threaten his underwater home, and joins a girl on the land to discover government corruption.

The project is being developed by Imagemovers, though Zemeckis has yet to confirm if he will continue working with his beloved performance capture techniques.

Hopefully he will return to his live action roots, after reception of Polar Express and last year’s A Christmas Carol – both CGI films using performance capture – received little more than a chilly reception.

Falls’ book is released by Scholastic on 1 May 2010, and a screenwriter has yet to be tapped to adapt it for the big screen. Meanwhile, Imagemovers are continuing with their other adaps Airman and The Stoneheart Trilogy .

Think this could be a return to form for Zemeckis?