Robbers and robots

When James Mangold announced that he was re-making Western thriller 3:10 To Yuma, and had nabbed Christian Bale and Russell Crowe to star, we were excited. And now we get to see whether our hopes were justified as the pair square off in a tale of a sheriff attempting to transport a violent gang leader to the smaller. Naturally, things don’t quite go according to plan – when the lawman (Bale) gets his collar (Crowe) on to the titular train, the bad guy’s cohorts are planning a rescue attempt. A bloody, violent rescue attempt…

This first trailer is a little too plot heavy – did we really need to see so much of the story? – but it’s also loaded with top shots of the main clashing. Check it out here .

Today’s other promo couldn’t be more different, especially as it’s for the big 2008 release from the genius brains at Pixar. This footage is steeped in Pixar history, describing the new ‘toon’s long history and displaying very little finished footage (not really surprising given that the movie is more than a year away already). But given the Pixar stamp of quality and the intriguing, dialogue-free nature of the footage, we predict another winner.

Find the trailer in all formats including glorious HD here .

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