Raimi sounds the Siren

As if he doesn’t have enough to do what with gearing up for Spider-Man 3 and making sure Kirsten Dunst stops giving away his casting ideas to the press – now the Evil Dead helmer has been buying up rights for console games.

Siren has been snagged by Ghost House Pictures, Raimi’s company behind hit horror blood-spiller The Grudge.

The game is set in a Japanese town that has been rocked by an earthquake. The disruption has set off a mysterious supernatural siren that summons the townsfolk and turns them into flesh-chomping zombies. The twist in the tale is that the zombies carry on with their everyday lives, and the game’s hero doesn’t know who to trust.

No word yet on who will scribble the adaptation or who will take on megaphone duties – keep it tuned to totalfilm.com for updates and remember please, don’t have nightmares.