PS3 sales drop in UK "meaningless"

Stat-cruncher Chart-Track has told Next-Gen that it's "meaningless" to draw conclusions about PlayStation 3's performance based on a second-week sales drop in Great Britain.

Company director Dorian Bloch told Next-Gen, "A figure of an 82% drop has leaked out but that alone means nothing. Given how much pent up demand there was for PS3 and given the sophistication of pre-order systems now, it really doesn't mean anything."

PS3 sold 165,000 units in its first two days on sale in the UK. Its second week sale came in at around 30,000. "In almost all console launch scenarios, there has been no stock in a second week on sale. Sony, for a number of reasons, had extra stock available. So there really aren't many comparable precedents for week two sales. Judging a console based on nine days on sale is just crazy. It doesn't make any sense."

Sony has yet to comment on the numbers.

April 4, 2007