PlayStation Classic retro console is now an actual bargain, at $30

PlayStation Classic retro console is now an actual bargain, at $30
Credit: Sony

Sony’s PlayStation Classic has had another price drop, and if you were interested before, it might be time to finally pull the trigger. 

Walmart’s got the PlayStation Classic for 50% off now, taking it to just $29.99 from its current list price of $99.99. Realistically, it has been selling for $50 for most of 2019, though. It’s on sale at other retailers as well, like Amazon, Best Buy, and anywhere else you get games. It originally debuted in December 2018 for $99.99, and has dropped considerably in price over the last few months, likely owing to some of the performance issues and slowdown seen across some of the titles on the system. It may not have been worth it to you at the original price, but for $30, it's definitely a steal.

The PlayStation Classic comes with a whopping 20 games pre-installed, including classics like Final Fantasy 7, Metal Gear Solid, and Resident Evil Director's Cut. Rarer, harder-to-find games like Intelligent Qube and Jumping Flash! round things out. When you consider the fact that Intelligent Qube alone is a median of $50 on eBay on its own, the PlayStation Classic becomes an absolute bargain for any retro enthusiast or players looking to rekindle a bit of nostalgia. The other games in the package stack on the value, especially if you planned on purchasing any of the rest of the titles. 

We called the PlayStation Classic a "box literally filled with nostalgia," noting that it's "absolutely amazing to look at." Both still ring true, especially if you're into the miniature retro console scene.

PlayStation Classic console | $30 (was $99)
20 classic games, one cute console, now only $30. It's listed as $99 originally but has been selling for $50 more recently. Still, a huge bargain.View Deal

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