Pen To Paper: Scribbles, dotted lines, you know the drill...

Flight Of The Phoenix star Giovanni Ribisi has been joined on Gardener Of Eden by Flightplan babe Erika Christensen and Lukas Haas (the now grown-up kid from Witness).

The story follows a hapless fella who after inadvertently saving a woman from an assault, believes his calling is to be a modern-day avenger. The half-witted hero then goes about setting up scenarios that require his intervention, thereby extending his heroic reputation.

The script has been penned by newcomer Adam ‘Tex’ Davis and helmed by debut lenser Kevin Williamson.

Brazilian director Andrucha Waddington has been lined up to direct Conquistador, described as an "intimate epic" revolving around 16th century Spanish explorer Hernan Cortes. The story will trace the intrepid sailor on his journey west from Cuba in 1519, in a bid to expand the Spanish empire.

Casting will kick off in the new year in preparation for a South American shoot slated for September 2006.

Sony Pictures Classics picked up Waddington’s last two flicks, Me You Them and House of Sand.

Production duties will be handled by Gianni Nunnari at Hollywood Gang Productions, whose previous credits include Se7en and From Dusk ‘Til Dawn. With a budget in excess of $40 million, Conquistador is set to weigh in as the most expensive Spanish Language movie in history.