Pedro Almodovar plots revenge

While he’s usually known for his odd, emotive dramas focused on relationships, Pedro Almodóvar is looking to branch out a little for his next film. At least, he might be.

He’s long been considering adapting La Piel Que Habito from Thierry Jonquet’s book Mygale, which recounts a plastic surgeon’s vicious, vengeful rampage against the men who raped his daughter. Though the script – which is still being written – would only snatch one scene and the general concept from the tome. "It’s immensely tough and complicated, targeted at select audiences, the kind of film that's discomfiting and doesn't tend to win many awards,” Almodóvar blabbed to Variety.

And it’s no shocker that Penélope Cruz is already being considered to star, though Almodóvar will make his final decision about the film early next year.