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Paul Walker will head up Hitman reboot Agent 47

Fox’s plans to reboot the Hitman franchise have taken a significant step forwards, with Paul Walker in line to lead the forthcoming reboot.

Titled Agent 47 , in reference to the titular assassin’s identity number, the film will reimagine the exploits of the genetically engineered and cloned killer who first made his name in a popular series of videogames.

Fox had initially planned for the original film to become the first part of a franchise, with Timothy Olyphant reprising the title role throughout a series of adventures. However, a critical mauling and lukewarm box-office soon put paid to that plan.

With Walker in the lead, however, the studio is clearly keen on a fresh start. The star will reportedly begin work on the project as soon as he finishes his press commitments on Fast & Furious 6 .

Whether or not the world is screaming out for another Hitman film is another matter, although it will at least be interesting to see Walker in a role that requires a slightly harder edge… and the loss of those famous blonde locks.