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Paul Greengrass to make FC Barcelona documentary

Sports documentary fans will be drooling over Paul Greengrass's next project, which will see the Bourne director team up with Senna editor Chris King for a new film about FC Barcelona.

The film, entitled Barca , will follow the team's preparation for the 2012 / 2013 season, which finds the club at an interesting juncture, having parted company with inspirational manager Pep Guardiola after an uncharacteristically barren season.

Greengrass will presumably have extensive access to Messi, Xavi, Inesta et al, and the film will attempt to intercut on-pitch action with insight into the club's off-field strategy.

Helping that process will be King, who did such an excellent job of manipulating the archive footage used in Senna . Barca's football has been extremely easy on the eye over the last few years, so he should have plenty to work with.

Greengrass himself is an avid Crystal Palace fan, so watching Barcelona week in week out should make for a nice change. Work will begin on the film after this summer's European Championships, while the project is currently being shopped at this year's Cannes festival

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