Paranormal Activity 2s Tod Williams will direct adaptation of Stephen Kings Cell

Stephen King’s bestselling novel Cell will be getting the big-screen treatment, with Paranormal Activity 2 ’s Tod Williams confirmed to be filling the director’s chair.

We heard back in October that John Cusack was attached to star in the apocalyptic thriller, and now things seem to be moving forward with the appointment of Williams to direct.

One of King’s later novels, Cell tells the story of technophobe Clayton Ridell, who finds his worst fears confirmed when a bizarre event known as “The Pulse” sends the world’s mobile phone users into a blind, murderous rage.

Pretty soon, the majority of America's population have been transformed into bloodthirsty zombies, with Clay and a ragtag band of survivors charged with getting to the bottom of what has happened.

No word on when we can expect the film to arrive as yet, but with a director now in place, expect things to pick up speed in the coming months. Although with a string of King adaptations currently in limbo, we won’t start getting excited just yet…

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