Orlando Bloom loves Kate Bosworth

They might be something of an off-then-on relationship in the real world, but it looks like they’re about to do a Brad ‘n’ Angie or a Jen ‘n’ Vince and star together in movieland.

Actually, it’s more that Pirates star Orlando has joined his Superman Returns girlfriend in her new indie drama, a Depression-era tale called Seasons Of Dust.

Directed by Tim Blake Nelson (last seen in Syriana), Dust sees Bosworth playing Janey, a woman with real problems. Following her grandfather’s suicide, she finds a home with a farm family. But things turn from grief to hurt when the son of her new foster home tries to rape her. She manages to fight him off, but in the process leaves him badly hurt. Worried that she’s killed the bloke, Janey makes a run for it, hooking up with charming crook Ricky (Bloom), who himself is out on the lam. Channelling the likes of Badlands, the pair starts a cross-country journey, trying to escape a couple of hit men who’ve been hired to end them.

Nelson will fire up his cameras in Oklahoma in July, provided his stars aren’t too busy promoting their blockbusters…

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