Nottingham gets delayed

It’s not a good day to be one of the crew who thought they’d be working hard next month on Ridley Scott’s new film, Nottingham. Because no one will be working on the re-telling of the Robin Hood tale – it’s been shut down.

According to The Hollywood Reporter , the film – which plans to star Russell Crowe as a kinder, gentler, more heroic Sheriff of Nottingham facing down against a dastardly, thieving Robin Hood - has been put on hold for several reasons. One is that the script apparently needs work. Two is the still-floating possibility of an actor’s walkout. Three is that Hood’s men need a slightly more, er, green forest to work with. Looks like even if they fix the screenplay and SAG agrees a new deal, they’ll be shifting the schedule back to early next year. Still, Sir Rid always has several projects bobbing about his development barrel – perhaps he can drag something else to the front while he waits out Mother Nature…

Source: ( The Hollywood Reporter )