Noomi Rapace discusses Sherlock Holmes 2 role

Noomi Rapace

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo star Noomi Rapace has confirmed that she will be playing a gypsy in Sherlock Holmes 2.

The Swedish actress spoke with Screen Rant , and revealed that she’s taking her first big Hollywood role very seriously.

“I’m doing a lot of research about gypsies,” she says. “I’m going to Paris to visit some gypsy camps, and I’m going to Transylvania to actually see how they live.

“Because the gypsies are so poor, they live pretty much the same as they did then, and they keep in the traditions and all of that, so when you go to Transylvania, for example, they live pretty close to the way they lived hundreds of years ago. So I’m listening to gypsy music and I’m learning to sing and dance.”

Sounds like the ideal role for Rapace – something completely different from bisexual hacker Lisbeth Salander, who she famously played in the Millennium Trilogy.

We’re sure she’ll get a chance to bruise her fists at some point in the period sequel, though.

After Holmes 2 , Rapace has a variety of films in the waiting, with The Voyage Of Demeter up next, and rumours linking her to Hansel And Gretel and the Alien prequels.

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