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Nina Simone biopic gets going

Mary J Blige has been attached to the Nina Simone biopic for years, but the production has been stalling and starting for quite some time.

Now, Variety report that The Brave One ’s Cynthia Mort has signed on to write and direct Nina .

Her take on the product would focus on Simone’s relationship with her assistant Clifton Henderson, as played by David Oyelowo, rather than go the typical ‘origins story’ route.

The flick is finally set to go in front of cameras in France in September with a budget of $10m.

We’re sure Blige can do the film justice with her pipes, and she’s been turning up here and there in little acting roles that will no doubt have helped her hone her acting skills. Let's just hope that Mort can do the singer's life justice.

Excited for Nina to finally get made?