New Potter shots

It’s that time on the movie calendar again, when a young wizard’s thoughts turn to defeating a massive evil and saving his friends from the horrors of exams. Yes, the fifth Harry Potter film is creeping up upon us and, after a raft of unofficial set pics flooding the Internet, it’s time for the unveiling of the Sanctioned Studio Imagery.

There’s not a lot of action here – but that’s because David Yates is still directing it - it’s not due out until next July after all - and the effects won’t be even halfway done yet. Still, it’s our first proper glimpse at acting icon Imelda Staunton giving her starchy all as Ministry Of Magic-sanctioned Dark Arts teacher Delores Umbridge, while Daniel Radcliffe’s Harry tries to battle an off-camera Dementor. Part of us seriously hopes that all the picture plates behind Staunton in the final shot are moving - they’re kitsch-tastic.

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