New Monsters Vs Aliens picture, details...

Total Film got an early peek at DreamWorks’ new 3D toon Monsters Vs Aliens, yesterday and we can report that even in its unfinished form, it’s looking like a lot of fun.

We were also given a look at the cast list – and thought it only polite to pass it on to you. Reese Witherspoon is lending her lungs as a young woman named Susan Murphy, who, after being struck by radiation from a meteorite, finds herself transforming at the most inopportune moments into Ginormica, a 50-foot woman. She’s shipped off to a top-secret lab where she discovers that the US government is holding all sorts of beasties. Good thing too, as nasty alien robo-types are invading and Susan will have to unite her monster pals to battle the menace from the stars.

Also toning up their tonsils are Seth Rogen and Will Arnett (because these days you can’t have an animated movie without one or both of them), Hugh Laurie, Rainn Wilson from The US Office, Keifer Sutherland, Stephen Colbert (we can’t wait to see what he says about his role as the President on his TV show) and fellow comedy god Paul Rudd.

It all goes down next April.