New Mission: Impossible video shows off famous plane stunt

A new behind-the-scenes featurette has appeared online for Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, focusing exclusively on the stunt that has had everyone talking… that's right, it's Tom Cruise hanging off the side of an Airbus during takeoff.

Ludicrously, Cruise insisted on doing the stunt for real, which would be death-defying enough if he'd nailed it in one take. As it turned out, he had to go through the whole process eight times over!

Prepare to be amazed, below…

We know Cruise is notorious for wanting to do his own stunts, but having one of the biggest stars in Hollywood hang off the side of a plane with only a small safety cord as an insurance policy… well it seems a little reckless! Fair play to him though, as the end result looks truly spectacular. We can look forward to more hi-octane antics when the film opens in the UK on 30 July 2015 and the UK the day after.

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George Wales

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