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New images from On The Road

On The Road has released a new set of official images, featuring Kristen Stewart, Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley looking beautifully dishevelled in Walter Salles’ forthcoming adaptation.

Based upon Jack Kerouac’s semi-autobiographical novel of the same name, the film will present a snapshot of the Beat Generation, as Riley’s young writer (a substitute for Kerouac himself) heads out on a cross-country adventure with Hedlund’s rebellious Dean Moriarty and his young wife Marylou (Stewart).

The new images feature a look at some of the film’s supporting players, including Kirtsen Dunst’s Camille, Viggo Mortensen as Old Bull Lee (a version of William S. Burroughs) and Tom Sturridge as Carlo Marx (Kerouac’s substitute for Allen Ginsburg).

Sturridge, Dunst and Mortensen are just two of an impressive supporting cast including the likes of Steve Buscemi, Amy Adams, Terrence Howard and Alice Braga. As for the leads, well, they’re looking as lovely as ever…

On The Road opens in the UK on 21 September 2012. Until then, you can content yourselves with a look at the new images, below…

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