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New Captain America image shows off Red Skull

captain america

Captain America has been taking its time teasing us with new material over the past year or so, but we’ve finally been given our first proper look at Hugo Weaving as villain Red Skull.

After his split-second debut in last month's Superbowl ad, Red Skull has been revealed in all his antagonistic glory in an Entertainment Weekly spread.

And boy is he something to look at. Wrapped in leather, with bullet-like giant metal studs – not to mention that very cool Hydra belt – he’s every bit the image of evil that we hoped he would be.

We don’t think we’ve been this scared of a bloke with a skull for a head since Frank Langella hammed it up in Masters Of The Universe . And that’s saying something.

EW also report that this film version of the America story sees weapons developer Johann Schmidt transform into Red Skull after he's injected with the same Super Solider serum that creates Captain America.

Check out the full image below...

The First Avenger: Captain Americ a opens 29 July.