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New 13 Assassins trailer online

A new trailer for Takashi Miike’s remake of Eiichi Kudo’s 1963 movie 13 Assassins has premiered online.

Our Japanese is a bit rusty and there are no subtitles, so we’ve no clue what all the very serious people are saying. But if it’s grandiosity you’re after, look for further.

Set in the era of the Shogun, an evil young lord feels protected from the law and goes about raping and killing on a whim.

But a secret force of 13 assassins know that he must be stopped, and undertake a suicide mission to bring the lord’s evil ways to an end. Can they get through his bodyguards, though?

13 Assassins is a return to more straight-faced terrain for Miike, who has helmed more comedy inclined films like Zebraman and The Happiness Of The Katakuris of late.

Check out the trailer below…

13 Assassins has yet to receive a UK release date.

Look like your cup of tea?