Neil Gaiman still dealing in Death

Beloved Sandman – and lots of other stories – author Neil Gaiman is currently in the middle of the publicity whirlwind for Stardust, which is based on his illustrated novel and arrives on these shores in October.

But while talking up that adaptation, he also got chatting to about his long-planned version of Death.

Death in the Sandman tales appears in the form of a Goth-dressed teenage girl, and in spin-off mini-series Death: The High Cost Of Living, shows suicidal teen Sexton that there’s lots worth living for by spending the day as a human.

It’s been in the works for a while, but with a powerhouse producer (and genre expert) attached, things are slowly building a little momentum.. "Everything is moving, slowly, but it's moving... Guillermo del Toro is executive producing, which is a wonderful thing, and I'm actually planning on going out to Prague very, very soon to do some stuff with Guillermo on Death. I think it definitely seems like it's going to happen."

Hurrah for good news. Now all he needs is a cast, a crew, a budget - you know, the usual little details…

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