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Modern Family director takes on Arthur

Director Jason Winer, who has won acclaim (and a Directors Guild Award) for his work on Christopher Lloyd's TV comedy Modern Family , is set to direct Russell Brand in Arthur .

A remake of the Dudley Moore 1981 original, Arthur follows an alcohol-loving lothario whose family are pressuring him into marrying a rich heiress.

However, he falls for a working-class woman instead and asks his valet for help as his family force him to choose between money and love.

Former Alan Partridge and Brass Eye scribe Peter Baynham has written the script, which makes us feel slightly happier about the fact that the remake is going ahead.

The original Arthur won two Academy Awards, and was nominated for a further two. So, yes, Hollywood are getting their mitts on Academy-sanctioned classics to remake instead of just re-releasing the original.

Brand will play the titular Arthur, while the part of his level-headed valet (which won John Gielgud one of those Oscars) has yet to be cast.

A step too far? Or can Winer and Brand do the original proud?