Mission: Impossible gets Paula Patton

Mission: Impossible

Precious actress Paula Patton has signed on to play the lead female role in the new Mission: Impossible movie.

Having gone up against Lauren German and Kristin Kreuk for the part, Patton landed the role of a fresh operative who blasts firearms alongside Tom Cruise’s returning Ethan Hunt.

Other than that, details on the fourth impossible Mission are being kept in a vault guarded by giant lizard-skinned mutant panthers (or something), so all we’ve got so far are scraps.

What we do know is that the new film is being considered a “reboot” (are you really surprised?), and won’t have the number four attached to it anywhere.

It’ll be the live-action directing debut for Brad The Incredibles Bird, while J.J. Abrams is producing. In the cast department, Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg will both reprise their former roles, and Jeremy Renner has joined as a potential future replacement for Tom Cruise.

Mission: Impossible (yeah, we're confused already) will start filming this Autumn, and opens in cinemas on 16 December, 2011.

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