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Michelle Monaghan gets foxy?

While much of the casting remains cloaked in rumour clothes, the thesp list for Gavin Hood’s X-Men prequel Wolverine looks like it’s coming together rather nicely.

The lads at CHUD have been steadily tracking down the latest and it now looks likely that Hugh Jackman will not be facing off against Liev Schreiber as the young William Striker (the role played by Bryan Cox in X2), but that he’ll actually playing Sabretooth. We can’t quite see it, but then Schreiber’s always been one of those chameleonic types.

And just as exciting are the whispers that none other than Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’s Michelle Monaghan may show up as Silver Fox, a seriously dangerous (as in also part of the Weapon X project that gives Wolvie his powers) lady that becomes his love interest.

For more on the project, including who’s in the producers’ sights for Striker, head on over to CHUD (opens in new tab) .

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