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Michael Keaton to star in comic adaptation Imagine Agents

Twenty-three years after Michael Keaton’s last turn as Batman and he’s dipping back into the realm of comic books for his next project Imagine Agents. Based on the BOOM! Studios comic, created by writer Brian Joines and artist Bachan, it takes place in a world where every child’s imaginary friend is real and require policing by a squad of agents.

THR reports that Keaton, who will also produce, is set to play a grizzled 20-year veteran tasked with mentoring a new archivist. Keeping up the traditional “last day on the job” story shenanigans, a normal day’s work turns out to be anything but ordinary.

Coming off the Oscar-winning Birdman, Keaton’s switch to lighter, family-friendly fare is certainly aiming the actor at a different demographic. BOOM! describes the title as “in the vein of Men In Black meets Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” - both solid examples of kiddie fare with a distinct adult appeal. This could be the start of a brand new Keaton-led franchise...

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