Michael Jackson: The Movie?

Like we couldn't see this one coming: Sony has won the rights to the rehearsal footage for Michael Jackson's planned London concerts and is turning it into a film featuring him.

Yes, just when we thought the media storm over his death had passed, the studio has won a frenzied bidding war for the 80 hours of film that concert promoters AEG shot and touted round Hollywood last week.

High School Musical helmer Kenny Ortega - who has a hole in his schedule anyway since he can't start the Footloose remake until next year - was the director for the footage and is apparently already editing it down to show Sony.

So what can we expect? No, not a CG model of Jackson doing his thang or a biopic, but new videos, including an alternative version of thriller which was apparently planned for 3D display in between songs at the gigs.

And Sony already had an advantage over its cinematic competitors - since Sony Music Entertainment holds the rights to the late performer's songs.

It has spent $50 million for the footage, and will no doubt be hoping that Jackson fever holds strong...

[Source: Variety ]

Are you intrigued by this idea? Or turned off?